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Student Lab Coats

If you are a med student or looking to outfit your students at a medical or dentistry school, you have come to the right place. Explore our collection of student lab coats and consultation coats. These white coats are made with excellent fit and available in great designs to choose from; they also come in men, women, and unisex styling. One of the main features of these coats is they come in multiple pockets for functionality; some of them are large enough to accommodate a tablet.

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Additional information and features on our student lab coats

Our collection of student lab coats are from three of our leading brands of medical apparel, Fashion Seal Healthcare, White Swan META, and Landau.

These white coats feature comfort and functionality, along with cell phone pockets, tablet pockets, and instrument pockets. If you can't find the right lab coat for you or your class on this page, you can also shop for them in different colors, lengths, and brands.

Please don't hesitate to contact us and request an order if you find one from one of our e-catalogs.

Choosing the proper uniform and workwear will prepare you for the class or internship. Personalize your new coat with our custom embroidery option for an enhanced, professional look with your name or practice. If you have a logo or a design that you'd like to get embroidered on any of our lab coats, please send us your file through our Embroidery Quote Submission Form!