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Women's 65/35 Poly/Cotton Lab coats

These women's lab coats are made of 65/35 Poly/Cotton. Some of these coats comprise Soil Release finish, Fine Line Twill Cotton, and Combed Cotton. Choosing the proper uniform helps you be prepared for your workday and look confident, but personalizing it with your name, practice, or specialty with our custom embroidery option will enhance the professional look!

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Our collection of ladies 65/35 Poly/Cotton lab coats features the White Swan META 15104 Consultation Coat, one of our best sellers. Please visit our best sellers' medical wear page for more of our fan-favorite lab coats and scrubs.

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Besides our text-based embroidery option, you can include a custom image as well. If you'd like to have a logo or a design embroidered on our lab coats, please send us your file through our Embroidery Quote Submission Form!